Clickheat heatmap


Clickheat is an add-on for Joomla, which primary goal is to "visualize" clicks made on the pages of your website. Upon collecting enough information, Clickheat displays a heatmap of most clicked areas, coloring them from blue (rare clicks) to yellow ("hottest area"). To start enjoying Clickheat for Joomla, please make sure you have both plugin and component installed. The package also includes Clickheat module, which displays a Clickheat button linked to stats for a page being viewed.
We would like to thank Azzam Sheikh of for the idea of this component and LabsMedia for the great engine.

Useful links:
Clickheat Support Forum
FAQ and Troubleshooting
Clickheat for Joomla 1.0.xx series

CMS Compatible with Joomla 1.5
version 1.0.1
release date 06-21-2008
file size 75 Kb
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